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5 Major Types of Research Methods

Research writing projects carry significant importance for degree students. Where research methods are of extreme importance, which enables students to collect relevant and resourceful data to answer their research question.

However, at times, students make mistakes in choosing the right research methodology, especially when they lack enough information to make an informed decision.

For this reason, we’ve compiled a brief outline of the five main methods that students can choose to carry out their research in the right way.

  • Interviews

Interviews is a qualitative research method which involves talking to people to find out their views and expressions on different issues. In an interview, students are required to ask one-to-one questions to the interviewee in order to gain useful insights on different issues.

Interviews are great for asking questions directly and get to the bottom of complex issues. The quality of data obtained from asking different ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions provide rich and insightful information that is nearly impossible to collect from any quantitative data. Though, interviews have its limitations but are great to detailed information from a fairly small group of people.

  • Surveys

After interviews, conducting surveys is one of the most useful methods of research. It involves asking people to fill in a paper or online questionnaire.

Surveys are excellent when it comes to acquiring factual data from a large number of individuals. Through survey questions, students can gain investigate on sensitive issues that are hard for people to talk about in a one to one interview. The survey provides valuable help with dissertation writing; as students can gather valuable data easily that they can later categorize and analyze without putting too much of an effort.

  • Observation

Research through observation is an excellent way to find people behavior regarding different issues. Observation involves recording how people react to different situations and practicals.

This form of research is useful for getting a good amount of help with dissertation writing, as it assists in learning different practical behaviors, instead of just finding what people say about a certain situation.

  • Analyzation

Reseach through analyzation is getting popular among many young individuals. The data sources are usually videos, photos, and pictures to research and analyze behaviors of subjects in different situations.

Though, research through analyzation is not as effective as other methods. However, it can be utilized for getting data from people who can’t tell you their views or children that are too young to express themselves properly.

  • Literature Review

A literature review is one of the most useful methods to acquire quality data on different research topics. It mainly involves finding useful data through research information which is already being done by other individuals on the same subject. Literature review helps reveal any gaps in the previous research, so you can easily contextualize your own research and collect most accurate pieces of information.

In any forms of research writing, a literature review is the one widely utilized to find resourceful information.

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