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A New Way to Improve Evaluation in Education

To improve the quality of our education system there have been ideas for platforms that do just this by implementing a way to evaluate classrooms via cloud devices. This is a huge step towards improving the quality of education in this country. These observation tools allow for recording and sharing, teaching sessions during classroom hours. With tools like this, teachers would get evaluated on their teaching methods and class performance.

But the question of personal infringement must be raised. Some people may consider that this application is a violation of our basic liberties. If we are consistently watched at our work, what guarantees do we have that the footage being taken isn’t used in an unlawful or inappropriate way?

Prior to something like these platforms, the way to evaluate education was solely based on student grades. If the classroom and school performed above the national average, then the teachers would get a good review. Unfortunately, teachers that worked in inner city areas had a tough time getting a proper evaluation due to problems children face with poverty, social imbalances, crime, lack of parenting.

These toolsallows the good teachers to get a proper evaluation regardless of where they work. One of the biggest perks from this platform is that it promotes a healthy performance competition among educators nationwide. A teacher could get visual feedback that could help them improve in areas that will allow them to reach the attention span of their students in an easier way.

It seems they found a way to bridge student data with teacher data. Data integration has been a major obstacle for school districts, information collected institutions are usually collected from student data. School Districts have used information like student attendance and test scores to evaluate academic performance, using this as the only real indicator to help teachers improve. Now this new tool allows the institution a new way to not only evaluate student performance but also add the teaching performance as a new way to look for improvements in the classroom.

The ability to view data analyzer to identify problems, improve results in classroom observation is imperative. Administration would save a lot of time by using these cloud-based software programs, instead of evaluating teachers by classroom visits, they could have value it multiple classrooms at the same time using this software. the data collected over time would be extremely important to achieving better education standards. Data can also be used to help teachers increase their support and help them to identify areas that could be used to improve teacher and student retention.

School districts that have already used these programs have had positive feedback from staff and students. Teachers enjoy the fact that they can view their own event in valuations and the walk-through process because they saw it as a way to improve themselves. Students have also benefited from these tools, as they have raised their test scores in most of the school districts that have tried this evaluation process.

Even though introducing something different is always challenging, but the improvements made with this data collection has allowed for an honest evaluation based only on data without bias and used in a constructive manner. Improvements in classroom performance can always be made and with this type of software is no exception.Only with the collaboration of administrators, staff, and parents can we find a recipe for success.


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