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A Study Guide to Make the Guitar Learning Process Easier

There’s a lot to playing guitar, and how fascinating it could get can only be realized by those who’ve played it or started learning them. The guitar is in all ways a fascinating instrument and relatively inexpensive when compared to the rest of the lot. And most importantly, be it the kids or grandparents, anyone can start learning guitar whenever they feel like.

With the advent of digitization, learning guitars have only got easier. No more do you need to run to coaching classes and sit in the midst of a class full of students where asking questions might get awkward at times. It has become as easy as going through the online guitar lessons on the mio site. But there are some factors which you need to be aware of to ensure your guitar learning gets smoother.

First, comes practice, which is most obvious for anything you learn new. Ask anyone, they would never stop prioritizing it even though it gets boring listening to it. A big part of learning guitar is memorizing the finger movement- an important motor skill. Most of the guitarists say that their fingers know what to do without the help of their brain. The only way you can make it happen is by engaging in the rigorous practice. It’s not the tenure of the day you engage in this practice, it is the daily part which is more important. One three-hour session in a week is nowhere close to half an hour of practice every single day. Keep in mind that you’re trying to develop your finger memory which is not possible with even a day’s gap in between.

There is obviously a combination of basic skills which might be needed and hence, one must invest enough time to master these skills. Often there are people who get up on the stage or sit for a jamming session with a narrow guitar lesson. Hence, having an aptitude while playing guitars and incorporating right at that moment might not be possible for them at all. Learn the notes, learn the chords for the rhythm and lead is what follows. There’s no mugging up, let the music flow in you, and you’ll find how strumming gets easier with time. Time is of the maximum essence in learning guitars and hence hurrying up might not be that beneficial.

There’s an important comment that most of the guitarists make- listen more to be more accurate. A keen listener will make the difference in the little pauses that comes in between changing the chords. Until and unless you realize it, you cannot turn out to be an outstanding guitar player since timing is of the key essence. A great way to do this is starting playing it with a metronome. Practice playing fast, as well as playing slow, for change in progressions will definitely make the difference.

However, some people have commented that having the knowledge of some theories might prove to be beneficial, and it cannot be completely denied. But music is all about live performance, and the more you engage yourself in it, the better it gets for you.


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