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Creating Autodidacts in Montessori School Systems

What if children were not taught the traditional curriculum of lessons that most of them have historically experienced growing up? Suppose they were taught instead how to mine the information that’s most relevant to them to progress their dreams and visions of what’s possible. There has never been a better time for providing kids with the means to not just discover anything, but to learn how to do anything entirely on their own. With the advent of Montessori schools, children have the opportunity to start their lives off perceiving themselves as masters of their destinies. This, in turn, allows them to cultivate higher self- esteem and an intense love of learning.

No matter what age a person is, learning how to do something without the guiding hand of a teacher or mentor encourages independence and pride of outcome. Having pride in individual accomplishments is more important than ever right now because of the epidemic of depression and anxiety related mental health issues that currently plague our society. It’s important not to take this fact lightly, and a new way of educating the youth is paramount in fighting this painful trend. The term used to describe a person who teaches themselves in this manner is called an autodidact. In our modern times, having access to the internet means being able to dive into any lesson that would ever be taught in any school at that person’s convenience. This academic information can be attained in either written, video or audio form, allowing a delivery system for all types of learners. This explains the current rise in entrepreneurship. It’s easier than ever to learn to create businesses and be self- employed. The current education system, however, is outdated and hasn’t been revamped since people were mostly expected to work in factories. That’s why schools use a bell to condition students when one class ends, and another begins.

Becoming an autodidact as early in life as preschool has significant advantages in this day and age. The Montessori method of education, developed by Maria Montessori, is one that aims to let a child grow into their natural abilities. Montessori schools exist in most cities and states in America, including a preschool Redmond WA. The teacher in the room acts as a mediator between the student and the activities they are naturally drawn to. They also set up the room with each student in mind in a way that encourages them to explore their interests at their own pace. This idea is in contrast to the way traditional classrooms have each student on the same track, and the expectation is they either keep up or fall behind.

Being autodidactic puts people in an advantageous position in all walks of life, especially in the workforce. Many jobs are becoming automated, and it’s becoming increasingly necessary to offer something to the world that is unique to the individual worker. The earlier a person develops this independence, the better. Montessori schools are an excellent way to allow people to grow into the most productive and happiest contributors to the modern and future world.


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