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Dyslexia Awareness

Dyslexia is a specific learning disability in reading. The dyslexic students face trouble in reading a text fluently, they may face difficulty in reading comprehension, writing texts and spelling the words correctly. Raising Dyslexia Awareness is important, though dyslexia is a type of disability, but when it is handled carefully, then it can be solved and make the students who are suffering from this can be taught without much difficulty. There are various people working with dyslexic students are making the teachers as well as the parents aware of the difficulties faced by the dyslexic students.

Spreading Dyslexia Awareness

The British Dyslexia Association has been campaigning for 45 years to raise awareness about the dyslexia.  People with dyslexia are given protection by the Equality Act 2010 in Britain.The team at CPD Bytes is passionate about raising dyslexia awareness amongst teachers, TAs, SENCos and parents.  The CPD Bytes have produced the course Dyslexia Awareness for Post 16 Educators and the suite of Hidden Dyslexia courses tailored for teachers, Classroom and Learning Assistants and parents. There are separate learning and teaching course for dyslexic students and the teachers teaching dyslexic students.

Dyslexia Training course

A series of courses is developed by the dyslexia experts after knowing all the difficulty levels faced by the dyslexic students and the teaching course is the most efficient in providing teaching aids to the teachers teaching dyslexic students as well as parents for educating dyslexic children.

Dyslexia training course at CPD bytes

CPD Bytes provides specialist dyslexia training for teachers and teaching assistants. Also, we offer the training course for the people interested in the education programs. CPD Bytes offers an online course that enables you to learn the basics as well as advance of the course and provide the exact course for you to learn it from your home.



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