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Gain health of mind and soul with the right yoga training

Yoga is one of the oldest forms of attaining spirituality and healing the mind and body. Yoga was mainly popular in some Asian countries but recently, its benefits have let this art form to become a global phenomenon. Yogis now travel to different parts of the world to enhance their knowledge about yoga and to impart education about yoga to people around the world. There are a number of benefits linked with yoga that have enabled it to gain high popularity. Right from improving the cardio vascular problems to the psychological issues, yoga is helpful in rejuvenating your health, and gives you peace of mind.

Make a career as yoga teacher

With the growing popularity of yoga around the world, yoga teaching is being seen as a growing career option. It is good choice for those who are interested in imparting knowledge while attaining the spirituality.  It is considered as the right option because it helps in giving personal satisfaction and enables you to earn enough. You are needed to inculcate patience, passion and dedication to become a yoga teacher. In addition to this Completion of Yoga Training is also very important part of working as a yoga teacher or instructor.

Popular yoga courses

It is also very important to first obtain the training for yoga teacher. There are number of training institutes where you can get enrolled to learn different skills of Yogis. Yoga Teacher Training Thailand includes different types of courses.  Some of the popular courses include:

Iyengar yoga

This style of yoga was developed by BKS Iyengar. It includes a number of asans and body postures which are helpful for your body. Use of various elements is taught in this style of yoga for improving or correcting body alignment and posture. It is a kind of traditional yoga.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Yoga

It is one of the modern and therapeutic yoga approaches. It includes 200 hours of yoga training. It is generally designed for the expert yoga practitioners but the beginners can also join this course. However, they are needed to practice yoga for atleast three months before joining this course.  In this style there is a change in pose at a faster pace with inhale and exhale.

Vinyasa flow

In this style of Yoga, there is a smooth transition from one pose of yoga to another without any beak. They are not allowed to break the flow of yoga by talking or discussing about the fine poses. It is vigorous in nature. Beginners are needed to attend the Iyenger yoga first so that they can have a deep understanding of each and every yoga pose in the slow action. This will make them to learn about the finest points of different poses.

Hatha yoga

This training course is offered Hatha yoga in 200, 300 and 500 Hours Yoga Training.  It includes all types of modern yoga styles and mainly includes yoga practice for physical benefits. Yoga postures and breathing exercises are included in this style. It allows the beginners to hold on their postures for a longer time in this yoga style. Many of the practitioners and yoga trainers choose mountain or peaceful regions for practicing this yoga style.

There are many more types of yoga training courses which are classified on the type of styles taught to the students. When you join the yoga training institute to complete your training for becoming a professional yoga teacher, it is important to note the styles that will be taught to you. It will help you to pick the right yoga training course and increase your credibility for yoga training.


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