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How To Calculate The Area and Perimeter Of Shapes

Area and perimeter of shapes are life concepts of mathematics with several applications. This makes them important topics that every student should understand and be able to solve flawlessly without making mistakes. 

Back in the days as middle school maths student, calculating the area and perimeter of shapes was indeed a big problem for me because I wasn’t good at memorizing the formula. But that did come to an end when figured out that memorizing the formulas wasn’t what I needed. Instead, what I needed to do was just to understand how each of those formulas came to be in the first place. And of course it worked and I became better at calculating the areas and perimeters of all kinds of geometry shapes.

Right here, I will be sharing all that I was able to learn that change my game and made me top my class consistently when we are given questions that pertain to solving area and perimeter of geometry shapes.

What is Area?

An area of a shape is simply the space taken by a two-dimensional object such as rectangles, squares, triangles, circles, parallelograms, rhombus, and trapeziums. This is usually measured in square units, which can either be in centimeters, meters and any other units of measurements. 

Getting to know this principle the right way changed my view of what an area is all about and how it can be calculated. From there on, I was able to figure out the area of different two-dimensional shapes easily. To further explain, I will be going through the formulas for calculating the areas of different shapes. 

  • Area of the rectangle – This can be calculated by simply multiplying both sides of the rectangle which are the length and width. (Area of a rectangle= L x B). 
  • Area of the Square – From our basic understanding of a square, it is a shape with four sides, of which two are of equal lengths. With this, we can easily derive the area of a square which is (Area of a square= s²)
  • Area of a triangle – A typical triangle has breath and a perpendicular line in between the triangle which is the height. To calculate the area of a triangle, all we have to do is make use of this formula; Area of a triangle= 1/2 b x h
  • Area of a circle – Unlike other shapes, circles has no sides. What it has is just a circumference. Which simply means it is going to have a completely different formula with no sides. Here, what we use is Area of a circle= πr², where r= radius and π= 3.142 which is a constant. 
  • Areas of a parallelogram – Parallelogram is a two-dimensional shape with a perpendicular height and a base. To calculate the area of this shape, all we need to do is multiply both the height and the base. Area of a parallelogram= b × h. 

What is the Perimeter?

The perimeter of a two-dimensional shape measures the complete boundary of the shape in meters, centimeters, etc. When it comes to calculating the perimeter of a shape, all the sides of the shape are considered. A good example is the perimeter of a rectangle which is  2 ( l + b )

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