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Join Us for Movie Making Classes for Kids in Florida

If your child is of a dramatic bent, always thinking up dramatic stories with plot twists and plenty of details, they may like taking part in movie making classes for kids in Florida. A child who loves to act out their stories for an audience or one who is always holding a camera can learn more about professional filmmaking in a class where they gain the technical skills they need to create their own films, and they also learn life lessons at the same time.

Our classes help children improve their abilities to speak easily and confidently in public situations. They increase their confidence as they learn to speak comfortably in front of the camera. They let go of inhibitions and let their personalities shine through as they’re being filmed. Our classes promote perseverance, passion, critical thinking, inspiration, engagement, a culture of trust and more. Each time they attend class, they are learning life skills.

We offer a variety of classes that fits your child’s filmmaking interests. Our classes engage and interest children, and we wouldn’t be surprised if they want to take a different course when they finish their first. That’s great because we offer more than one, and there is a class that is sure to pique your budding movie maker’s interest!

One class we offer is called YOUth TUBEr. Your child will learn how to speak with charisma and passion on camera in this class, and they are in charge of coming up with the material and script for their video. They work on being part of a team as they cooperate with other students to create, produce, direct, and film their own movie.

The Mini Movie class is another fun option if your child often comes up with riveting stories to tell. In this class, your child will learn to write, direct, act in, and produce their own movies. They learn about movie making from beginning to end and are involved in it hands-on the whole way.

Contact us by phone or email to learn more about our classes and how to register your child for one of our movie making classes for kids in Florida. We look forward to seeing your child become better and creating, memorizing, thinking outside the box, and working cooperatively. Most of all, we can’t wait to see them having fun and making new friends.


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