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Language Learning Software Provides Convenient, Versatile, and Constructive Lesson Plans

Employing the use of software to learn a new Robotel.com language is quite a smart methodology.  These app suites can make the process of learning a new language more convenient with a versatile and more constructive approach to learning.   This makes it so much easier to fit your studies into your already busy life.  Whether you are a busy student looking working towards a degree or are out of school with an established career, online language software could be just the educational method you need.


Studying a new language using the Smart Class + Language Lab means that you can learn on your own terms.  Basically, you can incorporate your lessons whenever it is most convenience to you, all without having to pick up any new tools or books; you won’t even, necessarily, have to attend a physical class.  Just download the software to a:

  • Google Chromebook
  • Mac Computer
  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Windows PC

And you can have portable learning tools that let you work anytime from anywhere. You can use these tools:

  • In class
  • After work
  • At the library
  • At home
  • In a coffee shop


Using this type of learning module allows for you to format your own lessons at to suit your level of education and experience.  Of course, this easily benefits teachers, but it also helps students to more intensely dive into the courses at whatever level is most comfortable:

  • Elementary
  • Secondary
  • College
  • University

And at each level you can customize your lessons by building a library of student activities which you can integrate into your “classroom” through language transparency.

  • ASL, ESL, and MFL ready lessons
  • Lessons available in English, Spanish, French, and German (among others)
  • Webcam support for sign language students
  • Standardized test support for Advanced Placement students


Finally, when you use this software, teachers have confidence in their ability to teach simple and accessible lesson plans that bring constructive strategies to any student using:

  • Clear, on-screen language
  • Step-by-step teacher guides
  • Intuitive controls
  • Simple and easy-to-follow exercise templates
  • Automated filed transfer options

With remote access to lessons, students have 24-hr access to all self-study assignments.  Teachers, then, can manage all aspects of lesson plans to build more effective activities from posting assignments to reviewing work:

  • Create and import multimedia materials
  • Prepare and assign new work
  • Import and modify class rosters
  • Provide feedback on assignments
  • Review and grade student work


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