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Medical Education at Spartan Health Sciences University

There are many experts in Medical Education who have been advising students to avoid Spartan Health Sciences University. Spartan Health Sciences is a for-profit, private medical school in St. Lucia, in the Caribbean. Spartan students earn and graduate with degree of Doctor of Medicine degree. This medical college was created in 1980.


This is a college that has been blacklisted by licensing board suchas GMC UK as well as California Medical Board. It is important to remember that the California Medical Board has only blacklisted about 10 colleges among the 1500+ medical colleges worldwide and most of the blacklisted ones are teaching medicine in the Caribbean.

Who to contact

It is important to remember that a college that are non-listed is better than being black-listed. If you need any proof, you can contact the Medical Board of California, or go to their website where they list the medical schools that are black-listed. They show that Spartan has not been accredited since 06-13-85. You can also contact the register at GMC UK.

Not being extended

CAAM-HP provisional accreditation for Spartan is not being extended past the year 2018. That is as good as a college without CAAM-HP accreditation. This CAAM-HP matters at the time you leave college, and not when you join.


You can conclude from some licensing boards often do not believe that small medical schools located in some islands in the Caribbean offer a good medical education, so these boards do not recognize them when it comes to getting a medical license. This is information that a student wanting a medical education should research before entering these schools to get an education in medicine. Many students who do not do this often have to transferred to other medical schools and spend some time with them before they apply for their medical licenses. You don’t want to have a medical education that is not recognized.


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