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National qualifications in early childhood education and care

There is no doubt that high-quality early childhood education sets children up for life, enabling them to grow to their full potential. It makes all children get the best possible beginning as one of the most precious investments a nation can undertake. To enable Australian children to prosper internationally and in a fast-changing world, they must be effectual lifelong learners. Research across the globe substantiates the value of having qualified early childhood educators working in Early Childhood settings. Rowley et al., (2011) note that the findings demonstrate that children’s educational outcomes differ depending on teachers’ qualifications and childcare courses. Quality early childhood education plays a critical role in preparing kids for a successful transition into early years of schooling, irrespective of their background or family situations. This paper explores the national qualifications, especially the diploma of early childhood education and care.

The recognition that a child’s experiences in their first five years determine the path of the remaining years of life has made the Australian government to partner with the territory and state governments in making critical changes to early childhood education and care to guarantee them the best possible start. Qualifications, education, and professional development of ECEC teachers matter a lot. Qualifications refer to the recognized educational level and the kind of knowledge, competencies, and skills that ECEC practitioners ought to gain. According to OECD (2005), education systems must invest in intensive teacher training and education if they are to deliver quality educational outcomes. It has been established through research that highly educated and trained educators are an important element in the provision of quality childhood education and care with most positive mental and social results for children.



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