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Promote reading skills of children through Accelerated reader books

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Do you believe that your child must learn to read and develop advanced reading skills to ensure future success? If so, are you ready to assist your child in rising to their fullest potential? Then it is necessary to consider accelerated reader books. This is a system that is highly used in UK schools and around the globe, aiming to promote the reading skills of children.

How it works

Children’s reading abilities are assessed and determined to choose the reading level and the recommended titles. On finishing a book, they can take a simple quiz to verify they understood what they read, and then are given a list of titles to choose from within the next level.


Children can thencreate their own standards, so that the books do not put them off by being too demanding or too basic. The accelerated reader books promote reading in children as they enjoy completing quizzes and acquire points throughout their learning. Even struggling readers find this boosts their reading ability, and high achievers really get engaged to books and look for further challenges. In this process, teachers are able to track the books of children and also tailor the recommendations to meet individual needs. In this way, children are highly inspired and motivated by successful reading.

Direct link

A direct link is between the future success and child’s academic performance in developing reading skills early. The accelerated reader books offer positive early experiences.

  • Reading helps children balance intellectual ability for modest levels, helping them become smarter.
  • The vocabulary is apparent in the first grade and the reading ability predicts strongly the outcome.
  • The reading skills influence directly to high school graduation. Thus by third grade if children fail to read proficiently, they need quick assistance to ensure they become proficient readers. This can be done through accelerated reading books and thereby, it can be checked with regular quizzes.

Children get easily distracted. The advantage of accelerated reader books is that it is effective to hold a child’s curiosity. Another plus point is that most lessons need just 3 to 5 minutes, thus they need to give only a short span of attention. These instigate their desire to know and learn new things. Helping in developing phonemic skills which is essential. This is because phonemic awareness improves reading skills in children and they learn to spell at a higher standard. It has a correlation with the reading ability of children, and helps in building a good foundation to comprehend the English language.

Educational books

There are plenty of educational books available as accelerated reader books.  In fact, the AR books can be searched based on the author’s titles or names, books titles or topics. There are also pre-packaged book collections. The AR program offers great opportunity to students to improve their vocabulary and reading. With the reward of getting AR points, students aremotivated towards reading books. This helps them in learning more words. In this way accelerated reading of books opens a new world, motivating children towards enhancing their reading skills.


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