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The Challenges of Writing a Dissertation on Cryptocurrencies

2017 was a huge year for cryptocurrencies, and 2018 promises to see this trend continue. With their ever increasing significance, cryptocurrencies are becoming of more and more interest to academics. However, writing a dissertation on cryptocurrencies is far from a walk in the park – there are lots of factors that could make this challenging. However, if you did choose to write your dissertation on cryptocurrencies, you could be sure of a dissertation that is original, ambitious and relevant. To help you out, the expert dissertation writers from Ivory Research have provided a selection of original dissertation topics on the cryptocurrencies bitcoin and Ethereum. Here, they list the main difficulties you could encounter when writing about cryptocurrencies.

Constantly evolving/progressing

This is a bit of a double-edged sword, because the constantly progressive nature of cryptocurrencies is what makes the subject so interesting and relevant but what also can make it potentially challenging. If you are going to write on cryptocurrencies, you must be prepared to monitor the situation daily and be ready to incorporate any new developments. This may mean incorporating significant information at a late stage in your dissertation, but if you do manage to do this you’re sure to produce a great piece of work.

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Lack of academic resources

While the concept of cryptocurrencies isn’t exactly new, the rapid rates into which they have come into the public eye have means that there is a lack of academic resources on the topic, particularly compared to other subjects. Bitcoin, for example, was created in 2009, so compared to subjects which have been studied for decades there is relatively little knowledge in the area. The lack of regulatory control also means that data and figures are not always verifiable. However, this means you have a great opportunity to tackle a challenging yet original topic which is sure to make a significant contribution to the existing knowledge.

Knowledge and applicability

Cryptocurrencies are challenging and complex topics to write about which require a great deal of knowledge and research. Due to the impacts cryptocurrencies are currently having on different aspects of society, you need to decide from which perspective you will examine the topic, such as economic, business, social or political. However, if you are prepared to put in the hard work, then writing your buy dissertation online on BuyDissertations.com on cryptocurrencies is a guaranteed way to impress your tutor whilst also demonstrating your knowledge of different key disciplines.

So there we have it, the main difficulties you are likely to encounter when writing your dissertation on cryptocurrencies. However, remember that no dissertation was ever easy, and the more you challenge yourself, the more likely you are to provide a top quality dissertation. So if you are interested in writing your dissertation on cryptocurrencies, check out the free topics on bitcoin and Ethereum from Ivory Research. And don’t forget, the expert dissertation writers from Ivory Research are always here to lend a helping hand along the way – and they’ve had great reviews!



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