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The Education in Hong Kong

The Education in Hong Kong has achieved great heights only because of the development of the education policy and the willingness of people to become educated and work hard. Consider this.

Today, the Bureau of worldwide Student Evaluation has established the education in Hong Kong the second reliable worldwide! The statistics of the education attained till secondary course during the year 2000 was 25,749 students.

The University of Hong Kong


It is particularly true regarding the education and the general outlook towards life. There is a greater thrust on learning and gaining knowledge. This is very clear from the fact that the University of Hong Kong was built way back in 1912 and is considered to be the oldest university in the region.

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Among its list of the prominent students who have graduated from here are the names like Dr. Sun Yat-sen, who was the founder and acting First President of the Republic of China. If you are international student and want to find affordable and healthy supplies, here are the best iHerb HK promo code to use fromthe www.iherb.com hk website.The history of the institution goes back to almost 90 years, and over the decades it has grown and evolved with the city after which it assumes its name.

The foundation of this prestigious institution was laid on March 16, 1910, by Sir Fredrik Lugard who was the Governor of the Hong Kong at that time. It signified the birth of the first tertiary school in the area.

The University opened in March 1912, with the school of Medicine which founded in 1887. The institution held its first congregation in December 1916 with the first batch of 23 graduates.

For the first ten years of its existence, women were not allowed to take admissions for any of the courses. Before the Second World War, the University was operating with four main faculties – Arts, Engineering, Medicine, and Science.

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Education Growth in Hong Kong


Over the ensuing decades, the education in Hong Kong has grown into a dynamic, comprehensive and an institution of world-class repute. There are nearly ten faculties and departments apart from the various research centers which are affiliated with it.

Hong Kong, which was under the British rule for more than 150 years, is highly favored by worldwide students since English is the chief medium of instruction here. After returning to the control of China, this leading commercial center of the world has made substantial progress in higher education.

There are approximately ten universities in Hong Kong. The majority of these colleges offer popular study abroad programs for overseas students. The list the best schools in Hong Kong contains the Baptist University Hong Kong, Chinese campus of Hong Kong, Lingnan University, and the City University of Hong Kong.

The various faculties of the Universities of Hong Kong are:


  • Department of Arts
  • Faculty of Education
  • Masters of Architecture
  • Faculty of Law
  • School of Dentistry
  • Li Ka Shing school of Medicine
  • College of Business & Economics
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Science
  • Social Sciences

Apart from this, thereis the Graduate School and the School of Professional and Continuing Education which imparts world class knowledge.



The Education in Hong Kong attracts a lot of students and faculties which come from all parts of the globe. There are many hotels and hostels near the institution which provide excellent accommodation and services which are both comfortable and light in the pocket of all.



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