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This Childcare Centre in Singapore Provides Not Only Mental Security, Emotional Stability Too

Love can be expressed in various ways; one of them is through giving your children the best life there is by providing the best education. Thus, many parents tend to look for a childcare who’s on top of everyone else because it offers not only academic sustenance but also emotional and mental stability.

That might really sound impossible because most private childcare only provides activities and subjects made to establish stable minds that will be able to shape their future but I was surprise when I came across NAFA Preschool which is the top private childcare in Singapore and the only childcare centre who offers extensive art lessons for kids while I was searching for a possible school that can accommodate my son.

Unlike most boys, my son is very much different. His indescribable love and passion for music make it a little bit hard for us to find the school that would better enhance it and won’t ask him to just focus on studying the common subject matters like English and Science. Being a 5-year old boy, he told me that someday he wants to be a musician who provides cure to those pains left unsaid.

When I first heard that, I was shocked because I am at my glorious years yet I never thought of that and a five-year old is telling me things like these. He further summoned that music is his channel of the emotions he just can’t keep inside but don’t like telling it directly to us. That’s why when I saw this private childcare centre, I never think twice and enrolled him immediately.

What I love about NAFA is that they really value the importance of incorporating art in each lessons and really try so hard to let our children understand the essence of art and how their skills will be essential in making people know more about art and eventually, nation building.

In my son’s case, teachers really devote an hour or two in a day to enhance his skills in creating music. They let him write whatever he feels like writing then help him in composing the proper music for it. This way, I know my son can easily relay the messages he wants to convey without sitting them down over lunch or dinner.

Not only that they value the essence of art in the society, but also give importance to family. For each semester, NAFA schedules a recital inviting over the families of their students. Through this event, the skills of our children are really nourished as well as their self-confidence in performing in front of a huge crowd. They make sure that the parents are there to witness their growth as individuals in the most artistic way possible and of course, with the skills they own.

Today, my son continues to excel in his academics while being able to compose songs which he gives to us as his gifts during Christmas or birthdays. His song encapsulates the emotions he has inside that he is very shy to tell us directly that’s why it really means a lot. The appreciation and guidance he experienced because of his NAFA teachers enabled him to be a better person today and I know he will definitely hold on to this for the next days of his life.

So if you’re looking for a childcare centre for your children, I really recommend NAFA Arts of preschool because they are really on top of everything, even go beyond your needs by teaching life through art.


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