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Use of Force Instructor Certification New Jersey

Subject control is critical for all law enforcement personnel. With our use of force instructor certification New Jersey courses, you’ll be more prepared to handle a variety of situations in the field as well as certified to provide training to other officers. We provide three series of instructor certifications within our training system.

Each separate certification requires two days of training. However, we also offer a companion class within a series. This enables you to complete two certifications in three days instead of the four it would take you to complete if you completed them separately.

In our high efficiency subject control course, you’ll learn about situations where the officer initiates the contact. The subject responds in these conditions, and it is the best type of situation for an officer to find themselves in. We’ll show you how to be flexible in positioning and energy.

You’ll master this at the same time as you cut down on your concentration on techniques and mechanics. Many officers don’t care for use of force training because there is very little in the way of position changes in the subject, and this doesn’t reflect real life. In this training, officers can intuitively change how they manage energy and position, and this helps them protect themselves.

The immediate threat response series of training focuses on handling a surprise event that is threatening in the moment. Here, the subject initiates the contact, and the officer has to respond quickly to stop the subject gaining the upper hand in the situation. We work to realistically surprise officers, so that they have to respond successfully to that threat. Response training is different than subject control drilling, in which the officer initiates contact. This training has to be done in a specific order to ensure officers are able to successfully use it on the street.

Our passenger removal course prepares officers to deal with situations in which passengers on planes, trains, and buses have become unruly. This is a serious challenge in today’s world of commercial and public transportation. The struggle between passengers and officers can appear very violent to others viewing the situation, and it can result in damaging situations in which the security companies and police departments are seen in a negative light by the public. We show you how to use a different methodology than standard subject control techniques to remove passengers without causing undue injury.

We also offer courses in injury prevention, compressed combatives, and dominating engagements that go to the ground. Our wide range of courses will help you in the field and to teach others to protect themselves. Take our use of force instructor certification New Jersey to instruct others in how to successfully handle themselves on the job.


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