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Want to be a mixologist? Here’s what you must know!

If the whole idea of experimenting with spirits gets you high, mixology is for you. A mixologist is an expert in the art of making cocktails and similar drinks. Don’t miss some of these aspects before you look for career options.

Who can be a mixologist?

Anyone! Yes, mixologists don’t need formal education in a particular field, but training is essential. There are options like École du Bar de Montréal, where you learn everything from the scratch, even if you are a teetotaler in real life. Mixology can be best described as an art, and you have to learn what it takes to create a consistent taste for each of the signature cocktails every time you shake things up. The training is actually more fun than theory. You get to interact with the expert mixologists and bartenders, and the whole process of learning is pretty hands-on. Therefore, anyone with interest in spirits, drinks and ingredients required can become a mixologist.

How is a mixologist different from a bartender?

Well, both work in the same field, but all mixologists can be bartenders, but all bartenders are not mixologists – as simple as that. A mixologist knows what it takes to create a drink that the client wants, and while bartenders can have that kind of knowledge with experience, they usually don’t have the technical knowledge. If you are a bartender and want to improve your job prospects, mixology is the ideal way to move forward. You will learn more than just about serving drinks, and typically, this ensures better pay.

Getting trained

Mixologists get trained in varied things, depending on the course they choose. In general, they know about spirits and brands, and they always know the best signature cocktails in detail. A bartender may not know how to use a frosted glass, but a mixologist is trained at it – he knows how each drink must be made and served. They also want to know the feedback of their clients, and more often than not, they are experts in creating new drinks and cocktails. You will love the whole experience of being at a good school, and what’s even better is the fact that you can learn at a time convenient to you. Don’t have time during the day? Take up courses in the evening or over the weekends – the choice is yours.

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